Student Specials

The arts, athletics and humanities contribute to a well-rounded education.  Saint Elizabeth Parish School offers specials to enrich each student's experience.


World Language

The World Language Program of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia strives for the mental attitude of acceptance and respect for other cultures; the self confidence to seek to communicate with others in settings within and beyond the school; a familiarity with the theory and tools of language learning;  the elementary skills of listening, reading, and writing in a limited manner in World Languages; and a foundation for success and mastery of the language in high school classes.



The Music Program covers not just music theory and instruments. We also look at music as a part of every subject, like math and science, and everyday life, such as movies and sporting events.  Each grade level has the opportunity to lead the singing at one school Mass per school year.  We also have a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade chorus, concert band, musicals, and a Catholic Schools Week Variety Show!



The technology program for Saint Elizabeth students is based on learning 21st century digital citizenship using machine-based and cloud-based resources. Highlights include block programming, mastery of Microsoft Office, and integration of technology into the classroom curricula of grades kindergarten through eight with a focus on Jesus Christ as Savior of the world.



The Saint Elizabeth Parish School Library program stresses information access skills in order for our students to become independent and ethical lifelong learners.  All grades meet once a week for instruction, research and independent reading.  Students and faculty may also access the Library throughout the school day on an as-needed basis.


Visual Art

The Saint Elizabeth art program allows students to think creatively, as well as helps students to express themselves. The students start with the basic skills in the art room, such as color, and build off of that each year into more complex art concepts, such as monochromatic colors. The art program combines the elements and principals of art into art history, so that the students can see how the two go hand in hand.


Physical Education

Our sacred obligation is to foster in the student a lifelong love of fitness. This will equip them with the skills and understanding necessary to take care of the physical gift of their body that God has entrusted to them.