We encourage respect for the value and dignity of all persons and seek to create an atmosphere of peace and justice within our school.

Our Mission
Saint Elizabeth Parish School is a ministry of the parish community of Saint Elizabeth Church, established to provide a well-rounded elementary education that is rooted in Catholic identity and striving for academic excellence. The parish school staff is committed to collaborating with parents in helping our students become adults who are respectful of themselves and others, freely sharing their gifts through stewardship, and readily accepting responsibility in the Church and in the world. 

Our Belief
Inspired by the example of Saint Elizabeth, our students will come to recognize Jesus as living presence in them and in others, and will answer their baptismal call to serve others in Jesus' name. We provide a warm spirit of hospitality and a safe learning environment for all of our students. We offer a broad-based curriculum in which our staff strives to meet the needs of every student. We are committed to fostering in our students a lifelong love for learning and the development of the skills needed to become well-informed, accomplished, and dedicated leaders who live each day following the teachings of Jesus. We believe that Jesus calls us to be the stewards of the gifts that God has entrusted to us in our thoughts, actions, and words.

Our Philosophy
The parish community of Saint Elizabeth Roman Catholic Church is committed to educating all our generations, and, in particular, to helping our youth in their quest for fulfillment as disciples of Jesus Christ and citizens of the world. Saint Elizabeth Church is committed to the belief that the ministry of religious education in the Catholic school is an integral component of our mission as a Catholic parish to provide faith formation for future generations of Catholic believers. As a parish community dedicated to Catholic Stewardship, we recognize that the parish school is another of the rich blessings bestowed on us by God. 

We encourage respect for the value and dignity of all persons and seek to create an atmosphere of peace and justice within the school. Realizing that children learn best when they are actively engaged, our faculty strives to provide learning experiences that are rich in meaning and applicable to daily living. Technology is integrated into classroom learning to prepare our students for the practical demands of life in the 21st century. Our students will develop the skills to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and Christ-centered decision makers as they grow and mature into productive citizens. 

As our parish youth continue on their faith journey, Saint Elizabeth Parish School supports their sacramental milestones within the parish community. In our school, the Catholic religion permeates all that we teach. Daily prayer experiences both emphasize praise and honor to God and also foster responsibility toward the diverse peoples of the world. Our students will come to live the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy through service to others. 

Our Faculty
The faculty members and staff at Saint Elizabeth serve as role models to our students. Through their compassion and trust, their understanding and forgiveness, by the very example of their lives, our teachers proclaim the Good News of Salvation. Interactions among staff members are marked by collegiality and mutual respect. Encounters with students are positive and aimed at promoting self-discipline and a lifelong love for learning. 

In meetings with parents (guardians), our teachers show a genuine desire to learn from them and work with them for the good of our students, for we believe that our parents know their children best and our teachers know how to teach the children well. Through the intercession of Saint Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist, our team of educators turns to God for his guidance in doing what is right for the children he has entrusted into our care.