Thank you all for coming to join the 1st graders on Author's Day!  They were feeling very special because of your attendance!  


Monday is our last lunch day

Lunch was ordered on Monday, 6/11 for:  Kaitlyn , JD , Ronan, Elisabeth, Nathan, Eloise, Lily, Kristina, Braden, Adam, Scottie

If your child's name is not listed, please send in a lunch with them.  There will be no extras since it is the last lunch day. 


Field Day, Monday, 6/11- Our last full day!  

All students are to wear their gym uniform shorts for field day and sneakers with no N.U.T. Passes please. 

The students who are on the yellow team and should wear their yellow gym t-shirts are:  Kaitlyn, JD, Nathan, Eloise, and Lily. 

The blue team can wear a blue t-shirt with their gym shorts and they are:  Kristina, Ian, Adam, Ronan, Elisabeth, Scott, and Braden.  If you do not have a blue t-shirt, they can wear their yellow and we'll make sure they are with the correct team. 

Please bring your water bottle with your name on it, put lotion on at home, you can bring a beach towel if you would like and a hat with your name is optional as well.   


First Grade will be the Music Ministers at our closing Mass on June 15th at 10:00, the last day of school!  Students are to wear their Spring Uniforms (no gym uniforms or N.U.T. passes).


Monday, 6/11 Field Day with 8th Grade Leads

Tuesday, 6/12  Noon Dismissal

Wednesday, 6/13 Noon Dismissal

Thursday, 6/14  Noon Dismissal, 1st Grade Board Game Day in the Gym.  A few volunteers needed to set up and pack up please?   

Friday, 6/15, 10:00 Closing Mass, 11:30 Dismissal with 1st Grade as Music Ministers!  Wear your Spring Uniforms (no gym uniforms                                                                               or N.U.T. Passes)




It's official!  No more homework for the year! They did a great job with their letters trying to convince me :).

I am hoping that their love of reading I'm seeing in our classroom is carried over into the summer with you.  They have grown by leaps and bounds since September!  I've told the class that if they continue reading and playing some math games over the summer to keep the skills they worked so hard to master, their entrance into the school year in 2nd grade will be a breeze!  If they don't open a book or forget their easy addition over the summer, it will be more difficult to catch up in September.

Our family used to get a special bag for each child and go to the local public library once a week.  I'm sure they weren't reading all of the books they chose but we tried to keep that small routine in the hopes of keeping their interest.  Miss Sue and the puppies who visited our classroom every Wednesday will also be at Henrietta Hankin Library every Tuesday at (I believe and will check) 2:00 starting in a couple of weeks.  Call the library to confirm that as well as a motivation.


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