Thank you all for such a wonderful year!

  I miss all of you and hope you're enjoying your summer!




I am hoping that their love of reading I'm seeing in our classroom is carried over into the summer with you.  They have grown by leaps and bounds since September!  I've told the class that if they continue reading and playing some math games over the summer to keep the skills they worked so hard to master, their entrance into the school year in 2nd grade will be a breeze!  If they don't open a book or forget their easy addition over the summer, it will be more difficult to catch up in September.

Our family used to get a special bag for each child and go to the local public library once a week.  I'm sure they weren't reading all of the books they chose but we tried to keep that small routine in the hopes of keeping their interest.  Miss Sue and the puppies who visited our classroom every Wednesday will also be at Henrietta Hankin Library every Tuesday at 2:00 this summer.  Call the library to confirm

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