Neumann Scholars


Since our first graduating class in 2009, Saint Elizabeth Parish School has had 12 students named as Neumann Scholars.

The Neumann Scholarship Exam is an independently administered test, sponsored by the Connelly Foundation through its Neumann Scholars Program. Four-year scholarships are given to students who excel in the test for tuition at any of the 17 Archdiocesan high schools. To qualify for the test, one must have a final average of 92.0 in the seventh grade, and a National Percentile Total Score of 90, or a Cognitive Skills Index (CSI) of 120 on the seventh grade Terra Nova exam. The student must also show a strong desire to attend an Archdiocesan high school. For more information about the Connelly Foundation, please click here.


Neumann Scholars from Saint Elizabeth Parish School:

Class of 2019: Michael Dougherty

Class of 2018:  Anna Bellafante

Class of 2017:  Isabelle Mesiarik 

Class of 2016:  Mia Bellafante and Paul Ringenbach

Class of 2015:  Riley Brady

Class of 2014:  Patrick Bobko and Vishal Ramola

Class of 2013:  Megan Muller, Luke Swiatek and Julia Szabla

Class of 2009:  Danielle Kritz