General Parent Meeting is rescheduled to Wednesday, January 24 at 7pm



Sunday, January 28- Catholic Schools Week begins -Open House at 12:30 to 2:00pm

Friday, February 2- Catholic Schools Week ends -mass at 11:15 am


Sight Words

Red List- is, to, my, like, and, a, see, I, can, go, the, we

Orange List-am, red, orange, it, in, with, me, six, ten, at, up, yellow

Yellow List-no, went, green, blue, he, an, she, be, said, do, you, on

Green List- yes, get, are, was, from, they, seven, some, have, black, purple, three

Blue List- eight, his, Wednesday, Sunday, brown, one, two, if, pink, her, why, for

Purple List- four, nine, five, while, Monday, Thursday, come, so, of, that, as, want


Blue and Gold Teams

  Blue                                                                  Gold

Daniel                                                           Charlotte

Byron                                                             Michael

Thaddaeus                                                   Noah

Sophia K                                                         Mia

Lucia                                                              Soumik

Avery                                                              Sofia V.

Jude                                                                 Emmett

Maisie                                                            Charles



Monday- Computers

Wednesday- Art and Music

Thursday- Library

Friday- Gym

Star Students

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