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Welcome to our Gym Info page!

The students are off to a great start!  We have started with a variety of games and skills in all grades.  Tag, a perennial favorite has been seen from K through 8th.  The Kindergarten started with freezer/defroster tag, The 2nd and 3rd have played that also or pivot tag. The 4th through 7th have worked on clothespin tag, strategizing how to tag while evading tags.  Our 8th have been playing our most strategic tag game and have begun designing tag games that are ever more challenging.   So many valuable skills are learned and practiced while playing Tag!  The usual suspects: running, tagging, strategy,fleeing,evading, etc.are worked on at every level.  The skills of honesty, teamwork,sportsmanship,fair play, turn taking, generosity all get a workout during Tag, and we get to put our motto in action: How Would Jesus Play?

How Would Jesus Play is the goal we strive for.We are able to examine our actions and see clearly how we would like to play.

If you need to reach me, please email me- this is the best route.  I check my email frequently.  

Any health related note needs to be on paper and signed, but a heads up email before school if you are concerned about a small issue is fine, but I do ask for a follow up note.

Please see the handbook for uniform requirements.  I do ask them to bring their sweatshirts to all classes.  They can always take them off.

Please, please, please put a name in all clothing!!!! I find heaps of sweatshirts with no name that no one claims...  also, if you get items from the uniform exchange(a great bargain!), please identify it somehow!



Tuesday:  7th Grade and 1st Grade

Wednesday: 2nd Grade and 5th Grade

Thursday: 3rd Grade, 8B, and 4th Grade

Friday: Kindergarten and 8A



The Tournament schedule is being finalized!   We expect to see a full schedule that includes our Field Day and Mini Field Day.

The newest addition to our Tournament Program is already underway.  The Lunch Time League has begun for 5-8 Grades.  The 4th Grade worked on their survey today, 10-5 and will begin next week, weather cooperating!


Lunch Time League has begun.  This is a student led lunchtime recess program.  We work to put together a broad program of sports and games to play in the Gym at lunch recess.  The students, under my supervision, select the games, get sorted into teams and officiate the games.  This program will change and grow as the year progresses.  The students choose to play in the yard or at LTL in the Gym

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