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MONDAY, 2/18/19


We’ll have Library next week.

ELA - Reading Test tomorrow, Tuesday on Unit 4, Week 1

Please sign tests and send back the Communication Envelope if you didn’t last Friday. Thanks!

TUESDAY, 2/19/19

Religion - Test on Chapter 12 on Thursday.

Math - We started Chapter 8 today. Homework: pages 441-442

ELA-Reread Reading Writing Workshop 4.2, pages 32-51

Spelling-Practice words for 4.2

WEDNESDAY, 2/20/19

Gym tomorrow

Religion Test Tomorrow on Chapter 12


THURSDAY, 2/21/19

Math - pages 447-448 Chapter 8 Lesson 2

ELA - Reread Literature Anthology Unit 4, Week 2 pages 36-59

Spelling practice words for Unit 4, Week 2

It was a busy day! I had the Communication Envelopes all ready and

here they sit! I’ll send them home tomorrow and please return on Monday.

Thank you!

I’ll also send home the Reading Writing Workshop books tomorrow.

We’ll have a reading test on Unit 4 Week 2 next Tuesday or Wednesday

FRIDAY, 2/22/19

Reading Test next Tuesday or Wednesday on Unit 4, Week 2

Please sign and return the tests, folder and communication envelope on Monday. Thank you!

Have a great weekend!

Spelling/High Frequency Word



Spelling Words: mail, rain, chain, play, way, day, took, hood, our, carry

High Frequency Words: about, animal, carry, eight, give, our

Vocabulary Words: 1. appearance: The way somebody or something looks.

2. feature: A part of something that is important or interesting.

3. determined: Working very hard to make something happen.

4. predicament: A difficult situation. 5. relief: What someone feels when

their troubles are gone and they don’t need to worry anymore.

Word Work: Phonics patterns of long /a/ like in rain with ai or ay like in hay

Grammar: using was and were


Spelling Words: me, we, keep, feed, beak, seat, play, rain, because, other

High Frequency Words: because, blue, into, or, other, small

Vocabulary Words: 1. behavior: a way of acting. 2. beneficial: helpful or useful

3. dominant: When an animal is dominant, it has power over the other animals it

lives with. 4. endangered: group of animals that is at risk of disappearing forever.

5. instinct: A natural behavior that animals are born with.

Word Work: Long e: e, ee, ea

Grammar: has and have

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