Game Day tomorrow, June 12th. Bring a board game, labeled if you would like!

What a wonderful Author’s Day with all of you who were able to attend! The children were thrilled to have you there! Thank you for taking the time out of your schedules to share this with all of us.

Thank you also for the wonderful gifts from all of you that Mrs. McMichael brought to Author’s Day. The pages in the book the children wrote were very sweet and we had a group hug after they read their pages to me in the classroom. I’m going to miss them! Thanks to all who contributed to the many wonderful gift cards I’ll use, enjoy and think of you! Your kindness is appreciated.

Thank you!

Please remember to sign and return the Exam Grade Sheet and tests that came home last week.

Field Day is Monday, 6/10! We might not need that sun screen or the hats but it will still be field day - just inside if the rains do come. Teams are listed below if the children forgot which color shirt they are supposed to wear.


BLUE TEAM IS: Ben, Ethan, Sophia K., Audrey, Lucia, Kellie, Avery

GOLD TEAM IS: Vincent, Trey, Sofia, Noah, Charles, Samuel, Mia, Maisie

Everyone wears their gym shorts. Gold wears their yellow gym shirt or another yellow shirt. Blue wears a blue shirt and their gym shorts. They can bring in a beach towel and water bottle but need their name on them please.

Remember we will still have snack every morning so please remember to pack one each day through the end of the week.

On Friday, the last day of school, if you are picking your child up after Mass in the church, you can send in a note any time this week before Friday at 9am.




MONDAY, 6/10/19

We had a good time today with some great games set up by the 8th graders.

Field Day which was set up in the hallways and Social Hall was followed by

a few games of Newcombe that the 8th graders, teachers and visiting alumni

participated in while we cheered. We happened to walk into the gym with our 7th grade

prayer buddies and 1B enjoyed sitting with them while watching the games in the


TUESDAY, 6/11/19

Tomorrow is Game Day! Please label any board game your child is bringing in to share and

play with 1st grade tomorrow.

If you are going to pick your child up from the Church after our Mass on Friday, please send in

a note for the office anytime between today and Friday at 9:00.

WEDNESDAY, 6/12/19

Game Day today!

THURSDAY, 6/13/19

Please send in your notes if you are picking up from Church tomorrow.

FRIDAY, 6/14/19

Spelling/High Frequency Word



Spelling Words: moon, tune, flew, blue, fruit, soup, toy, coin, enough, door

High Frequency Words: answer, brought, busy, door, enough, eyes

Vocabulary Words: 1. Demand: to ask forcefully or strongly. 2. Emergency:

something that you do not expect and need to take care of right away.

3. Conflict: A disagreement or problem. 4. Fair: It is reasonable and follows the rules.

5. Argument: A fight that uses words. 6. Risk: A danger or possibility that something

bad may happen. 7. Shift: Move something a little bit from one place to another.

Word Work: Words with u

Grammar: Pronouns


Spelling Words: haul, cause, saw, claw, paw, dawn, moon, soup, love, friend

High Frequency Words: brother, father, friend, love, mother, picture

Vocabulary Words: 1. Often: Many times, a lot, frequently. 2. Accept: To take

or agree to something. 3. Inspire: Make someone want to do something.

4. Respect: When you admire or look up to someone. 5. Decision: to make a

choice. 6. Swiftly: When something moves fast. 7. Distance: How far one thing

is from another, or the space between two things.

Word Work: Variant Vowel o

Grammar: Possessive Pronouns


Spelling Words: gnat, gnu, know, knife, wrong, write, cause, dawn, been, their

High Frequency Words: been, children, month, question, their, year

Vocabulary Words: 1. country: land whee a group of people live. 2. Gathers: to

bring or come together in one place. 3. Cycle: A series of events that repeat in

the same order. 4. Predict: Use clues to guess what will happen in the future.

5. Creative: Use your imagination to make something new and different.

6. Frigid: Very, very cold. 7 Scorching: Very, very hot.

Word Work: Words with wr, gn, kn


Spelling Words: strike, spray, splash, split, scrape, three, know, write, your, heard

High Frequency Words: before, front, heard, push, tomorrow, your

Vocabulary Words: 1. Difficult: not easy. 2. Nobody: No person. 3. Effort: When

you try very hard to do something. 4. Tradition: A custom or holiday that is passed

down from the past to the present. 5. Ancient: very, very old. 6. Drama: Something

that gives you a feeling or surprise and excitement. 7. Movement: A way someone

or something moves.

Word Work: Three-letter blends

Grammar: I & Me


Spelling Words: Fair, pair, bear, wear, spare, share, three, splash, favorite, surprise

High Frequency Words: favorite, few, gone, surprise, wonder, young

Vocabulary Words: 1. Nation: A group of people living in one country. 2. Unite: To

join together as one. 3. Display: to set something out so people see it. 4. Pride: a

feeling of pleasure or satisfaction with something you have or something you did

well. 5. Design: To plan for how something will look. 6. Purpose: A reason something

is there. 7. Represent: To take the place or stand for something.

Word Work: Words with ar

Grammar: Adverbs

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