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Upcoming Tests and Dates:

Tuesday, 2/27 Sneak A Peek from 9:30-11:00 Please invite anyone interested in Saint Elizabeth School to come and see Kindergarten and First Grade in session.

Friday, 3/2 First Friday Mass

Monday, 3/5 - Spring Picture Day (This is the picture that the students do not wear their uniform but wear a nice outfit they would wear to Church.)

Friday, 3/9  End of the 2nd Trimester



Monday, 2/19/18

Wear your gym uniforms tomorrow!

No School - Presidents Day


Tuesday, 2/20/18

Today was the 100th day of school!  Ask your child what they worked on together to try and create something with 100 parts to it!

Spelling words for 4.4

ELA - Read Overview Sheet for Unit 4, Week 4

ELA - Reread small book and return it tomorrow

Math pages 403-404  Ask about who visited our classroom today and did not brush their teeth!!

Also ask about our visit to the science lab where we were discussing and experimenting with Matter-solids, liquids and gases.  

Library Tomorrow!  Remember to bring in your books!


Wednesday, 2/21/18  

Spelling  Test Tomorrow on Words for Unit 4, Week 4 

ELA Reading Test Tomorrow on Unit 4, Week 4.  They brought their Reading Writing Workshop book home to review

Review Your Turn Book pages 196, 195, 187 and high frequency words on page 188

Math  pages 409-410


Thursday,  2/22/18

Dr. Greco announced yesterday that the students could wear their short sleeve spring shirts today and tomorrow.  The reason was because  there was such a swing in the temperatures, the classrooms may need a day or two to catch up and the students might be too warm in the classrooms.  Next week, back to normal winter uniforms!

Spelling  practice new words for Unit 4, Week 5

ELA - Reread the Reading Writing Workshop pages 92 to 111 and review the summary sheet for our new lesson (4.5)

Math - pages 415-416 and keep practicing math facts for a timed test tomorrow


Friday, 2/23/18

Have a great weekend!


Spelling/High Frequency Words

Wonders Unit 4 Week  5 Spelling words

1.     key

2.     bumpy

3.     puppy

4.     funny

5.     penny

6.     sandy

7.     my

8.     night

9.     wash

10.   would


High Frequency Words

found, hard, near, woman, would, write


Wonders - Here's what we are studying!

Unit 4 Week 5

Spelling/Phonics:  words with long e:  y, ey

Comprehension Strategy:  Visualize

Comprehension Skill:  Sequence

Writing Traits:  Word Choice

Grammar:  Adverbs that tell when

Structural Analysis: Compound Words 

Mechanics: Commas in a series  



Go Math Chapter 1 - Addition

Go Math Chapter 2 - Subtraction 

Go Math Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies

Go Math Chapter 4 -   Subtraction Strategies   

Go Math Chapter 5 -  Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Go Math Chapter 6 -  Count and Model Numbers     

Go Math Chapter 7 - Compare Numbers        

Keep practicing basic addition math skills for our 3 minute timed tests!

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