1st Grade won the CLASH today! Ask the kids about their song today!

They competed against K through 5th graders!

Please read Dr. Greco’s Parent Communication every Thursday!

Don’t miss the attachments!

Remember to bring in your Library books every Monday morning!

If anyone has some magazines they are finished reading and were going to recycle,

could you please send them in for us to use for collages? Thank you!




Remember your LIBRARY BOOKS !

MONDAY, 12/10/18

Math - pages 265-266

Spelling - Practice words for Unit 2, Week 5

ELA - Reread the green scarf, hat, shirt or decoration to add to their Grinch song,

they are welcome to wear it over their school uniforms.

TUESDAY, 12/11/18

Math - pages 271-272

ELA - Study Your Turn Book pages 91-99 - especially page 98

ELA - Reread the Literature Anthology Book for 2.5 pages 86-95. Remember if this is too difficult

for your child, you can take turns with pages or read to them and ask questions for comprehension, etc.

There will be a Reading Test on Thursday for Unit 2, Week 5. We’ll also have a Unit 2 Test next week.

Spelling - Study spelling words for Unit 2, Week 5 with a test on Thursday

WEDNESDAY, 12/12/18

Wear your Gym uniform tomorrow!

ELA - Unit 2, Week 5 Reading Test Tomorrow (which we started last week). I sent the

Reading Writing Workshop book home as well as the small book. Please return both. We

read the little book in class today in small groups. They can review and read or listen and

follow along if they would like or focus on other skills for this week in preparation of the test


Spelling- Test tomorrow on Unit 2, Week 5 words. Please bring in your spelling book

for another pretest tomorrow.

Math - Pages 277-278 which finishes up to the Mid Chapter 5. We will have a Math Quiz on Friday on pages - 278.

THURSDAY, 12/13/18

ELA - Practice and review for Unit 5 Test next week. Covering lessons learned from 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4 and 2.5.

Spelling - Practice new spelling words for 3.1

Math -

FRIDAY, 12/14/18

Have a great weekend!

Spelling/High Frequency Word



Spelling Words: leg, beg, men, hen, head, bread, grass, spin, there, again

High Frequency Words: again, help, new, there, use

Vocabulary Words: 1. Community: a place and the people who live in it. 2. Occupation: a job someone does. 3. Astonishing: amazing or surprising.

4. Equipment: all the special things, or supplies, that you need to do something. 5. Fortunately: luckily


Spelling Words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, men, head, could, one

High Frequency Words: could, live, three, then, one

Vocabulary Words: 1. Shelter: a building that protects you or keeps you safe. 2. Materials: the things used to make something else. 3. Collapsed: it fell down.

4. Furious: when someone gets very angry. 5. Refused: to say firmly that you will not do it.


Spelling Words: lend, send, fast, past, sink, wink, run, bug, of, who

High Frequency Words: eat, no, of, under, who

Vocabulary Words: 1. Depend: when you depend on something, you rely on it for the things you need 2. Habitat: a habitat is the place where an animal lives in nature

3. Hibernate: to spend the winter sleeping in a shelter 4. Tranquil: calm and peaceful 5. Tolerate: to put up with something unpleasant


Spelling Words: fish, shop, ship, with, thing, sang, fast, wink, want, call

High Frequency Words: all, call, day, her, want

Vocabulary Words: 1. Leadership: the ability to guide a group of people, or the action of leading others

2. Admire: when you approve of and like a person 3. Connections: links between two or more things

4. Enjoy: to like something 5. Rely: when you know you can trust someone to help


Spelling Words: whip, whale, catch, match, chin, graph, shop, with, many, around

High Frequency Words: around, by, many, place

Vocabulary Words: 1. Locate: to find 2. Route: the road or way to take to get somewhere

3. Height: how tall something is 4. Model: a small copy of something large

5. separate: to keep two things apart from each other.

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