Tomorrow, Monday, May 21st is 1B Browse and Buy Day at the Book Fair in the Library.  Since it is the end of the season, Scholastic may not be able to accept reordering books as they sell out what we have on the shelves.   Please send in money if your child would like to purchase a book.  There is a buy one, get one free sale for books purchased.  If your child does not have money with them tomorrow, they can still purchase later in the week but the books they see on Monday may not be available later. 

Please RSVP if one or two adults (family or VIP) are able to attend Author's Day on Friday, June 8th from 11:15-12:30.  Thank you!

St. Elizabeth's National Junior Honor Society has organized a book drive collection for CHOP.  They are collecting donated new and gently used books for children ages 6 months to 6 years.  If you would like to participate, the deadline for donations is this Friday, May 25th!


Monday, 5/21/18

We had a busy day today with Clash of the Choruses, Book Fair visit, and Technology class.  Ask your children about the book, Flap Your Wings that we chose to decorate our classroom door for a contest.  They did a wonderful job!

Spelling - Practice words for Unit 6 Week 3 and overview sheet for this lesson.  

ELA - Read your small book and we'll review again as well.  We were not able to do our usual small groups because of  our busy day.  Rereading Literature Anthology for 6.3 will be homework for tomorrow.

Math - pages 711 & 712

Review the Spelling Exam list of 30 words

Review the Religion Study Guide


Tuesday,  5/22/18

No library tomorrow due to the Book Fair this week.

Religion - Review the Study Guide for the Final Exam

Spelling - Review the 30 words for the Exam and 6.3

Math - pages 717-718

ELA - Reread Literature Anthology pages 326-361


Wednesday, 5/23/18

Math pages 723-724

ELA - review pages 295-306 in the Your Turn Book

Read for 20 minutes, your choice.

Religion - Review your study guide for the Final Exam

Spelling - Practice 30 Exam words

Remember to send in your RSVP's for Grandparents Day if needed.



Thursday, 5/24/18



Friday, 5/25/18



Spelling/High Frequency Words

Final Exam Words are:  when, where, were, very, that, was, could, would, they, soon,  saw, there, every, how, church, like, play, try, family, because, went, house, why, Jesus, once, school, who, have, friend, look


Wonders Unit 6 Week  3 Spelling words

1.      gnat

2.      gnu

3.      know

4.      knife

5.      been

6.      write

7.      wrong

8.      cause

9.      dawn

10.    their


High Frequency Words

been, children, month, question, their, year


Wonders - Here's what we are studying!

Unit 6 Week 3

Spelling/ Phonics  words with wr, kn, gn

Comprehension Strategy  visualize

Comprehension Skill  plot: cause and effect 

Writing Traits voice   

Grammar indefinite pronouns

Structural Analysis  compound words

Mechanics  commas in dates and letters



Go Math Chapter 1 - Addition

Go Math Chapter 2 - Subtraction 

Go Math Chapter 3 - Addition Strategies

Go Math Chapter 4 -   Subtraction Strategies   

Go Math Chapter 5 -  Addition and Subtraction Relationships

Go Math Chapter 6 -  Count and Model Numbers     

Go Math Chapter 7 - Compare Numbers

Go Math Chapter 8 - Two Digit Addition and Subtraction

Go Math Chapter 9 - Measurement    

Go Math Chapter 10 - Represent Data

Go Math Chapter 11 - Three-Dimensional Geometry

Go Math Chapter 12 - Two-Dimensional Geometry

Keep practicing basic addition math skills for our 3 minute timed tests!

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