What Students Are Saying About Saint Elizabeth

Grant girls Maggie Graduation.jpg

Maggie G., Class of 2018

(Pictured with sisters Caitlin, Lizzie, and Bridget)

"I thank every single one of the teachers for teaching me everything I know, and for helping me become the person I am today. Thank you for taking extra time to help me understand things when I was struggling. Thank you for always making sure we were having fun while we were learning. Thank you for the memories I will keep for a lifetime. I can't express how grateful I am for each and every one of you and for the knowledge you have provided me with through my journey at Saint Elizabeth. 

I know I'm ready for high school because all of you prepared me and held me accountable to the high standards you know I could achieve. Thank you for never giving up on me or my classmates."

Nolan Hughes.jpg


Nolan H., Class of 2019

"During the school year we have two band concerts. I have been in band for four years, and I hope to play my trumpet this year, too.

"At the beginning of the school year, I participate in the Lego Robotics League. We have to build and program a robot, but also put on a skit involving core values, which are just the rules we should live by...have fun and be nice. I have been in Lego Robotics for two years now, and when we went to the competition, our team had a great idea to start leaving goodie bags for other teams. Some teams did the same thing. Even though we were having a lot of fun, we still learned about the problems going on in our world, and brainstormed how we can solve problems.

"I have been in the science fair twice. The first year I moved on from the school level, then on top of that I came in third place in the regional competition. I competed in the chemistry section both years. Even though I did not make the regionals the next year, I still learned a lot about ions in batteries, and the growing concern for a power source for the United States." 

Tien Tran picture.png

Tien T., Class of 2019

"I was a part of the recess crew (the crew who cleans up the recess yard) for my whole seventh grade year. My sister and I have also been a part of some of our CYO sports teams like track and field, and basketball. I've participated in the yearbook club and played the flute in my school band concerts and class performances. I altar serve for our school Masses and prayer services. I have also helped served food at our school's eighth grade graduation reception, and have been a part of the team in charge for some school tournaments during my sixth and seventh grade years.

"I've been in the National Junior Honor Society since the beginning of seventh grade, and within the program I have done a couple service projects and tutoring. During my seventh grade year in the Chester County Science Research Competition, I won third place in chemistry, and received a plaque for being second place in "Best of Show" out of all the middle school students at the competition."


emilia marinari.jpg

Emilia M., Class of 2019

"When I came to Saint Elizabeth in third grade it was very new for me. Previously I had attended a public school, so switching to a parish school was very different. Luckily, with the help of new friends and teachers, I was able to adjust easily. 

"In fourth grade I was in the drama club, where we performed a version of Romeo and Juliet. This was my first time performing this kind of show in front of an audience, which I found very exciting. In fifth grade, I participated in the school musical School House Rock, which we performed in front of the school and a show later in the evening for parents. I also represented my class for the school spelling bee in fifth grade. In sixth grade I was on the CYO soccer team. I started playing CYO volleyball in sixth grade and also in seventh grade. 

"In seventh grade I was also honored to be accepted into the National Junior Honor Society. In the NJHS, I participated and helped in the Reach Out and Read activity for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP)." 

Alex Daoud.jpg

Alex D., Class of 2019

"As a student at Saint Elizabeth, I have been involved in many activities in the school. Some of my favorite activities have involved scientific clubs and competitions. I have been a member of the Robotics team for several years, and I enjoyed building the robot, programming it to perform various tasks. I have also been a member of the Future Cities team for the past two years. 

"I participated in the Science Fair for the past two years, and won an award both years. In seventh grade, I represented Saint Elizabeth at the Chester County Science Fair and won second place. I moved on to represent Saint Elizabeth at the Delaware Valley Science Fair. In addition, I played soccer on the Saint Elizabeth CYO Soccer team. Another unique activity that I participated in for two years was Odyssey of the Mind. I enjoyed working with my team to try to find creative solutions to solve a specific problem. Our team was very successful and moved onto the State competition both times. 

"In seventh grade, I became a member of the National Junior Honor Society. I also helped lead sports tournaments in the school and served a s a team captain for the younger students. I have truly enjoyed the many opportunities that have been offered to me at Saint Elizabeth."

marissa iafolla.jpg

Marissa I., Class of 2019

"During my time at Saint Elizabeth, I've taken part in many in-school activities, CYO sports, and several extracurriculars. I play volleyball year-round while trying to balance school and other activities I may be doing, such as a musical. I've taken part in seven musicals in the past three years. 

"Two in-school activities I enjoy are yearbook and recess crew. I've been on the yearbook staff for three years now, and I have worked on all different types of pages. Recess crew is a group of seventh grade students selected to clean the recess yard each day of the school year. While these activities are very important to me, I try to concentrate most of my energy of schoolwork and academics. 

"Academics is very important to me and I always try to make that my number one priority throughout the school year. I've been in honors math for three years now, and I was in enriched math in fourth grade. Through my years at Saint Elizabeth, I believe that I have truly grown physically, emotionally, and mentally. 

"I've received two awards this past year at school Masses. The first award I received was the Peacemaker award for leadership. The second award I received was becoming part of the National Junior Honor Society. I volunteered for two student-tutor opportunities and took part in the Reach Out and Read program."


Grace L., Class of 2019

"Since 2014,  when I began at Saint Elizabeth, I have become very involved in many aspects of my school. During the past four years, I've been very active in music at Saint Elizabeth. After trying band my first year, I realized I enjoyed piano playing a lot more. In fifth grade, however, I sang my first Psalm at a school Mass and found that I loved it. Since, I've sang solos 11 times in school Masses and I was the first student in the school's history to sing a Psalm alone. In sixth grade, I joined Harmonium, my school's choir, and I love singing at our Christmas and Spring concerts.

"This past year, I participated in our school's production of Shrek: The Musical. I played the role of Shrek's mother. I learned how much fun it was to be part of a team and to see the results of all our hard work on stage. I was accepted into the Archdiocese Honors Choir where I represented Saint Elizabeth Parish School when we performed at the Kimmel Center with five of my peers.

"I love representing my travel soccer team and the CYO track team. I was even an alternate for our 4x800 team at the Archdiocese Championship Meet during the Penn Relays. This past year, I also ran for student council for the first time and I was elected to lead the school's stewardship and school spirit aspects. It is an incredible honor, and with God's help, I hope I can do an amazing job for the school. I was accepted as a member of the National Junior Honor Society and I could not be more proud of the work we did."

Qinny Irwin 2018.jpg

Qinny I., Class of 2019

"I work hard both in class and on my homework. If I find myself struggling in a subject or other activities, I work harder to improve and succeed. I was one of two Saint Elizabeth representatives for the Bishop Shanahan National Junior Honor Society.

"I enjoy learning and look for opportunities to do more, like the science fair and extra credit. In my first year of science fair, I didn't know much, but I participated. I thought I had a good idea, but ended up not moving onto the county level. I was a little disappointed, but the next year I really thought out my project and did my best. I took a common idea (pH of bottled water) and made it different from how everyone else was thinking about it. My project was called "Brainwashed?" and it was really about if you can believe the marketing claims on the bottles. With my hard work and persistence I won third place in my school, took second place at the county level, and represented Saint Elizabeth at the regional level.

"I was recognized with Peacemaker Awards for responsibility, empathy, and self-discipline. I was asked by my gym teacher to help organize and lead a tournament for the school. I am also a leader in Harmonium, where we perform twice a year and sing at Mass. I have also sung for the graduation ceremony and have even done a solo. For school Masses, I am also a sound tech captain, where I lead and teach others how to work the sound system and microphones.  I help others on the Saint Elizabeth CYO track team. This was my first year in track, but just like my academics, I pushed myself to do the very best. I did four events and advanced to the Archdiocesan Championships in one event. 

"I was adopted at around the age of four and had a lot to learn, including English. In the first few years of being in the United States, I had been to many different schools. Each one helped me to grow, but at Saint Elizabeth, the experience was different. It has shaped me into the person I am today, and has definitely helped me to succeed."