Pre-Kindergarten 4 Class Goals and Objectives

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Religion-Your Child Will:

  • Understand God’s unconditional love for each of us.

  • Understand and respect the Earth as God’s creation.

  • Learn to worship God through song, music, praise and prayer.

  • Learn to thank and talk to God through prayer.

  • Be exposed to God’s Word through Bible stories.

Language/Pre-Reading-Your Child Will:

  •  Recognize and print his/her name.

  • Be exposed to the alphabet letters and sounds they make.

  • Be exposed to various forms of written language.

  • Become aware of the days of the week and months and seasons of the year.

  • Develop and demonstrate listening skills.

  • Be exposed to, develop an understanding of, and demonstrate spoken language.

Math Readiness-Your Child Will:

  • Count objects to 20.

  • Demonstrate number recognition to 10.

  • Demonstrate one to one correspondence.

  • Participate in various graphing experiences.

  • Be exposed to “mathematical vocabulary” Ex. more, less, large, small, over, under, around, between, beside, etc.

  • Recognize and name the basic shapes and basic colors.

Science-Your Child Will:

  • Practice observation skills.

  • Practice classification skills.

  • Observe cause and effect in the world around him/her.

  • Design and participate in simple experimentation.

  • Practice problem-solving and evaluation skills.

Social Studies-Your Child Will:

  • Expand his/her awareness of self.

  • Demonstrate an awareness of family structure and responsibility.

  • Develop an awareness of his/her community and helpers.

  • Practice and demonstrate self-help skills including using the bathroom, proper hygiene, dressing and eating.

Art-Your Child Will:

  • Experience his/her awareness of self.

  • Demonstrate creative self-expression.

  • Participate in multi-sensory experiences.

Music-Your Child Will:

  • Participate in musical activities including song, dance, instrumental, movement, games and self-expression.

  • Be exposed to and gain an appreciation for various types of music, including folk, classical, patriotic, religious, multi-cultural, patriotic, religious, multi-cultural, and traditional.

Physical Development

Fine Motor Skills-Your Child Will:

  • Demonstrate cutting on a straight line and a circle.

  • Develop proper hand position while using a pencil, crayon, and scissors.

  • Assemble puzzles of four or more pieces correctly.

  • Demonstrate buttoning, zipping, and buckling skills.

  • Practice applying and controlling glue.

  • Write his/her name, letters and numbers.

Gross Motor Skills-Your Child Will:

  • Practice skipping.

  • Practice tossing a ball into a basket.

  • Be able to follow a path on the ground and walk backwards.

  • Be able to stand on one foot and both feet.

Social Development

Your Child Will:

  • Be able to share, take turns, and wait for short periods of time.

  • Demonstrate the usage of polite language, such as “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome.”

  • Practice good manners, such as covering his/her mouth when sneezing, washing hands after using the bathroom, and before snacks and meals.

  • Help to develop and adhere to classroom rules.

  • Demonstrate respect for the property of others.

  • Develop personal responsibility for his/her actions.

Emotional Development

Your Child Will:

  • Demonstrate self-control consistent with his/her development level.

  • Practice coping skills and self-control in separating from family.

  • Experience and participate in transitions.

  • Participate in choice-making and decision-making activities.

  • Learn appropriate ways of expressing emotion through discussion, art, music and movement.

  • Participate in multi-cultural activities.