5th Grade Science:

  • Test on Thursday, October 18th on “What are the Properties of Matter?”

  • The Study Guide can be found under Fifth Grade notes.

6th Grade Science

  • Science Fair: Topic and Purpose Statement due 10/17/18 - Given an extension, due to STEM project.

  • Wednesday will be assigned: STEM project Written Responses/ Wrap Up Summary due Friday, 10/19/18

  • Looking Ahead: Test on Influences Weather either next Wednesday (10/24/18) or next Thursday (10/25/18)


Fifth Grade

Lessons for the Week: Review Mixtures and Solutions; Review Unit - What Are the Properties of Matter?

Lab for the Week:  STEM Project

Sixth Grade

Lessons for the Week:   Influences on Weather

Lab for the Week:   STEM Project - Making Weather Tools (Complete Weather Tools)

Science Fair

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