Week of May 21, 2018


Monday, May 21, 2018

7A Social Studies - Finish Ch. 11, Section 3 Study Guide,

Chapter 11 Test Wednesday, 5/23

7B Social Studies - Chapter 11 Test Wednesday, 5/23

8A ELA - Annotate and write a 3-5 sentence summary of The Book Thief p. 407-419;

Vocab wkbk. p. 131-132 #1-25;

Simple Solutions #71

7A ELA - Unit 10 Vocab Test Wednesday, 5/23;

Vocab wkbk. p. 132-133 Synonyms & Antonyms;

FInish The Tell Tale Heart worksheet - due Wednesday, 5/23


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

7A & 7B Social Studies - Chapter 11 Test tomorrow

7A ELA - Unit 10 Vocab Test Thursday, 5/24;

Vocab wkbk. p. 133-134;

The Tell Tale Heart worksheet due tomorrow

8A ELA - The Book Thief Parts 10 & Epilogue Test Friday, 6/1;

Spelling/Vocab Final Wednesday, 5/30;

Exercises in English p. 85;

Vocab wkbk. p. 132-133;

Read The Book Thief p. 431-451 - annotate and write a 5 or more sentence summary


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

8A ELA - Simple Solutions Quiz tomorrow;

Exercises in English p. 86, 87;

Read The Book Thief up to p. 480

7A ELA - Unit 10 Vocab Test tomorrow

Thursday, May 24, 2018







Student Schedule

Monday                    Tuesday                     Wednesday              Thursday                     Friday

Social Studies        Social Studies         Religion                      Social Studies            ELA

Technology             Science                      ELA                               Science                          *ELA*

Religion                     Gym                            Library/Spanish     Music                              Religion     

Math                            Math                          Math                            Math                               Math

Lunch                          Lunch                         Lunch                          Lunch                              Lunch

Science                      ELA/Spanish           Art                                ELA/Spanish               Science

ELA                              Religion                     ELA                              ELA                                  Social Studies

*Parents, please be aware that the original schedule indicates ELA & Social Studies at 1st and 2nd periods on Friday. I have changed this so I can have a double ELA period with the students. This allows for better flow with the amount of ELA work.

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