Go Math Curriculum

*Math packets that are sent home are just an overlook of the math chapter we are working on in the classroom. There are some practice activities and vocabulary words that you can work on with your student. The packets do not have to come back to school.*

With Mrs. Kilcoyne

Wonders Curriculum

Science/Social Studies:

Integrated with the other subjects

Reminders:     *Students should wear their gym uniforms to school on Tuesday, November 21 for all sports day for gym class.

                               * Students will not have school on November 22, 23, and 24.

                              *Please sign the behavior calendars over the weekend and send them to school with your child on Mondays.

                              *If you are interested in creating a page for the kindergarten binder please email me and let me know.                             



KB calendar.

Sight Words

Word rings with the sight words have been sent home with your student to practice at home. They are to return to school with them the following day. The student can bring them home each night if they would like to practice them. The student will be assessed on the sight words once or twice a week.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me.   

Blue and Gold Teams

Blue Team:                                                                Gold Team:

  • Lily                                                                 Lyla
  • Ethan                                                            Vincent
  • Kellie                                                           Matthew
  • Lilyanna                                                      Sofia
  • Sam                                                               Piper
  • Olivia                                                           Samuel
  • Michaela
  • Aiden


Monday- Library

Tuesday- Technology

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Music

Friday- Gym

Star Students

For the Star Student of the Week, students will come home the Friday before their week with a paper telling them and their parent(s) what to do for the week and a pennant to decorate over the weekend. Below is the list with the dates your student will be the Star Student in KB. Looking forward to getting to know more about our class stars!

  • Aiden- October 9-13
  • Ethan- October 23-27
  • Kellie- November 13-17
  • Lily- November 27-30
  • Lilyanna- December 11-15
  • Lyla-December 18-21
  • Matthew- January 7-12
  • Michaela- January 22-26
  • Olivia- February 5-9
  • Piper- February 12-16
  • Sam- March 5-9
  • Samuel T.- March 19-23
  • Sofia- April 9-13
  • Vincent- April 23-17

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