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I will post homework daily. Please know that while most days homework is updated, there may be days where technology does not like to cooperate. 

Welcome back 3rd Graders!

Date: 9 - 18 - 19


Math- Go over any math Simple Solutions problems you are having trouble with (Quiz tomorrow)

Spelling- Spelling Activity

Grammar/ Writing - Go over any ELA Simple Solutions questions you are having trouble with (Quiz tomorrow)

Reading- Reading Log Due 9/24

Religion- Study- Test Friday

Science/ Social Studies- 

Other-  Library Tomorrow









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I will put the Kahoot games we play in class on this page so that you can play them at home!  Remember, to play Kahoot at home you have to use 2 devices.

Here is the link you need to go to so that you can get the four colored boxes to answer the questions.  You will need to enter the game pin on this site. https://kahoot.it/#/

Here are the links to the games with the questions. (Click on the title of the game)


1. Sentences, Fragments, and Sentence Types

2. Weather

3. Chapter 2 Religion Review

4. Chapter 3 Religion Review

5. Chapter 4 Religion Review

6. Nouns Review

7. Thanksgiving Trivia

8. Halloween Trivia

9. Classmate Trivia

10. Forces and Motion

11. Simple Machines

12. Ch. 15 The Sacraments

13. Ch. 7 Social Studies- Being an Active Citizen

14. Ch. 16 and 17 The Mass

15. Verbs

16. Branches of Government and the Constitution

17. Ch. 18: Reconciliation

18. Finals Review Religion

19. Finals ELA Review

20. Subjects and Predicates

21. Multiple Meaning Words

Helpful Information

Comprehension Helpers

To help with reading comprehension throughout the year, please note these question stems that you can ask your child while you are reading at home!

Question Stems for Analyzing:
What part of this could be real? Make believe?
What would be a good title for ____?
How are ____ related?
Compare ____ to _____.
How are they alike? Different?
Explain the main idea, what is it all about?
Which words describe ______ best?
Outline the important ______.

Question Stems for Generating:
If you had been _____, what would you have done differently?
How many ways can you think of to_____?
What would happen if ______?
Predict what would be true if ______?
How can you explain ______?
Pretend/ make believe/ imagine _______?
How that we have studied this, what can be concluded about _______?
Create ______.
Tell me about _______.
Can you tell me more about _______?

Question Stems for Integrating:
How many ways can you think of _____?
Summarize the story in your own words. Use a beginning, middle, and end.
Make a plan to ______.
What if _____?
How would you change _____?
Can you make/ produce _______?
Tell or Show me how _______.
What lesson was learned?
How can it be applied to a different situation? For example, if _____.

Question Stems for Knowing:
When was____?
Identify the _____ in the ____.
Define the word _____.
Who did _____?
Who is the narrator of the story?
Tell me about _____.
List (facts, details, attributes.)
Which picture shows_____?
Match ______.
What is the purpose of _____?
Describe ______.

Question Stems for Organizing:
How else might you say ____?
Describe _____. Tell how ______. Compare ______.
Sequence. Put _____ in order of ______.
Is______ greater than ______?
Why is it called _____?
Explain why_____. What caused ______.

Question Stems for Applying:
Give an example in which ______.
Which of these would best demonstrate ______?
Dramatize or act out _____.
Show how _____.
Use ______ to _____.
Illustrate _______.

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