Vocab -

Grammar - 8B: Label the subordinate conjunction and adverb clause in the following sentences:

  1. Because Yellowstone sits on magma, it has geysers and thousands of hot springs.

  2. Geysers shoot boiling water, while volcanoes shoot melted rock.

  3. At Yellowstone, bears, elk, and bison roam wherever they want.

  4. The balance of nature is maintained even though it sometimes seems cruel.

  5. If the park’s elk population becomes too large, many animals starve in winter.

Reading - 7A: Read pgs 80-97 for Tuesday; 8B: Read to pg 80 for tomorrow

Writing - 7A: Thesis statement for tomorrow

Religion -



Vocab -

Grammar - 7A: diagram the following sentences

  1. Before you answer, you should reach each test item carefully.

  2. I did not understand the problems with fractions until my sister explained them to me.

  3. A rainbow can be seen when the sun is behind you.

  4. As people watched a silent movie, an organist played appropriate music.

Reading - Read for 30 minutes! 8B: Read to pg. 137 for Friday

Writing - 7A: outline one body paragraph

Religion - 7A: finish #1-7 on pg. 157


Vocab -

Grammar - 7A: Identify the adjectival and adverbial clauses in the following sentences. Diagram one sentence with an adj clause and one sentence with an adv clause.

  1. On National Fink Day, people who have the last name Fink gather in Fink, Texas.

  2. Bananas have become common in the United States since refrigerated transportation was invented.

  3. When Leonardo da Vinci made his famous drawings of horses, he was reflecting the interest of people in these beautiful animals.

  4. Susan B. Anthony, who was a leader in the women’s movement, is honored on February 15.

  5. The journeys that the knights undertook were long and difficult.

  6. After Spanish explorers brought the banana to the Americas, it became a popular fruit in Central America.

  7. While archaeologists were excavating the tomb of King Tut, who was an Egyptian king, they found gold plaques showing the king in a chariot.

  8. World Food Day, whose purpose is to make people aware of the fight against hunger, occurs on October 16.

  9. Because bananas provide vitamin C, fiber, and potassium, they are a healthful good.

  10. Since banana plants beat fruit only once, the plants, which are very tall, flowering plants, are cut down to harvest the fruit.

8B GRAMMAR: Label and diagram the following sentences:

  1. If you follow the directions carefully, you can easily make bread.

  2. Few outsiders visited the Himalayas until the airplane was invented.

  3. After several Southern states left the Union at the time of the Civil War, they formed the Confederacy.

  4. When light passes through a prism, it becomes a band of many colors.

Reading - Read at least 30 minutes;

Writing - 7A: outline due Friday; 8B: Final draft due Monday

Religion -


Vocab -

Grammar -

Reading - Read! 7A: Read up to pg. 185 for tomorrow; 8B: Read to pg 137 for tomorrow

Writing - 7A: Outline due tomorrow — will have 30ish minutes in class to work on it

Religion -


Vocab -

Grammar -

Reading - Read for at least 1 hour! 7A: Read to pg. 215 for Monday; 8B: Read to pg. 137 for Monday

Writing -

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